AddSecure Smart Grids

AddSecure Smart Grids designs and delivers smart solutions for reliable communications systems, distribution measurement, fault detection and network automation to the utilities sector. The goal is to help customers create safe and effective power grids with consistent yet flexible mobile communications, through modules that can be easily installed and maintained. Smart grid technology can create many positive effects for European energy suppliers. Among the benefits are increased profitability for both suppliers and consumers, easier maintenance and improved quality of power grids. In addition, the environmental impact is reduced as a result of lower energy consumption.

AddSecure Smart Grids is built on unique competence and many years of experience in digital communications and network automation.

Erling Gustafsson
Business Manager
AddSecure Smart Grids

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”We offer our customers the best and most secure solutions for tomorrow’s distribution networks. Through our innovative methods and by providing solutions that will increase the knowledge and control of the distribution network, we help our customers take lead of the necessary adaptation of the energy systems.”

Umeå Energi – How they went smart

As the traditional copper cable communication started to get both expensive and losing support, Umeå Energy looked for a digital alternative. While the initial plan was mainly to supply the distribution grid with digital communication, further talks revealed a perhaps even stronger need for fault detection and surveillance alarms.

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What is smart grid? And what separates it from the traditional grid? In short smart grid means merging the electricity networks and the internet. This creates new opportunities for both consumers, power companies and network owners. Download our infographic and learn more about the advantages with smart grids!

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