Smart Alarms


Whether you own a small shop that needs a burglar alarm or you are head of security at a local authority, we have flexible products and services for you. Our reliable alarm system protects both employees and businesses. We also offer many other features, such as secure communication technology systems and M2M/IoT to detect operational interruptions, malfunctions or sabotage.

We constantly check the connection so you can be sure it is intact. If the connection has been interrupted for any reason, an alarm is triggered at the alarm centre.

Intruder and fire alarms

Secure alarm transmission can significantly reduce losses caused by fire and burglary. Our alarm services are available in all certification classes and can be customised to suit your security needs. The vital communication link between your alarm system and the alarm centre is checked around the clock at our operations centre, which immediately goes into action in the event of a disturbance. In the event of a severe alarm, this is sent instantly to the alarm centre.

Emergency alarm

Emergency alarms, panic alarms and security alarms ensure that people - both in their professional and private lives - can sound the alarm and get help quickly. Our services are offered as complete lift alarm solutions or as personal alarms and are easy to deploy. The emergency alarm goes over the mobile network and is independent of fixed telephone line or broadband.

Technology alarm

Send operating messages and technology alarms directly to the alarm centre or service staff and reduce your operating costs. If one of the components upon which the business depends stops, this can have serious consequences if not corrected in time. Monitor, remotely control and check devices and ensure that your operational staff are alerted in time so they can plan and execute actions.


Our services for communication between machines via the mobile network. Remotely control, monitor, retrieve data or let one machine control another. M2M services are delivered in the form of a subscription that ensures communication between endpoints is effective and safe. We ensure that only authorised users can access the addressed devices and un authorised persons are shut out. Controls can be performed automatically by the transmitter or manually by operating and service personnel.


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