AddSecure Smart Grids

IPS2, IPC4010/4012

Fault detector

IPS2, IPC4010 and IPC4012 are all three combined earth fault and over current detectors from Protrol. They are based on Protrol’s well proven method for directional detection of earth faults, also intermittent faults. The patented algorithm performs three phase current measurements but does not require any voltage measurement which results in a cost efficient solution.

IPS2 is suitable for basic fault detection functionality while IPC4010 and IPC4012 are possible to use for more advanced autoreclose systems. IPC4010 and IPS2 are communicating via RS485 interface and support standard protocol IEC60870-5-101 while IPC4012 offers Ethernet together with the IEC60870-5-104 protocol.

AddSecure Smart Grids offers products that includes IPS2/IPC4010/IPC4012/IPC4020/IPC4022 in combination with secure communication solutions, SmartDet is one of the products.