IRIS Systems

The IRIS system is an elegant IP solution for all sectors of the security industry, an integrated system that makes IP technology available to everyone from security users through to control centers. Designed to work with existing systems, not to replace them, it brings the advantages of IP to new and legacy systems – no matter the original manufacturer nor how complex the installation. All communication with the remote devices is highly secure with authentication to protect against substitutions and encryption to protect against interception of alarms.

The IRIS products have all been independently tested and have achieved the coveted VdS approvals which is the benchmark standard most widely recognized across Europe.


Willem L. Harthoorn
Chief International Sales Officer

”IRIS is the AddSecure technology solution for Alarm over IP. Within the IRIS system, AddSecure offers a broad range of IP/4G terminals and sophisticated software applications for the Alarm Receiving Centre. IRIS renders outdated analogue alarm transmission 21st century digital!”

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SECITS Sweden uses AddSecure Link

SECITS Sweden AB, provider of the next generation of IP based security solutions, uses AddSecure Link for active video surveillance. That means the cameras are being monitored from an alarm central, where the operator actively initiates the appropriate measures if there's an incident. 

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