AddSecure Link

ATM/Payment solutions

Connected ATMs handling security, data transfer and transaction information. The AddSecure connection enables continuous surveillance of communication status. Alarm notification to receiving center in case of emergency (theft, fire etc).

Video surveillance

Connected cameras enables remote access to video and camera functions. Streaming video and picture management.

Connected Buildings

Connected elevators insures safety and security through the use of camera surveillance and continuous monitoring of communication status.

Remote access enables technicians to perform preventive maintenance.

Fleet management

Assets tracking and positioning. Vehicles connected via AddSecure system enables Fleet owners to monitor and control vehicle movements and status. Connected security systems in case of emergency (accidents, theft etc).

Access Control to buildings

Remote connection to access control system enables user administration, door and lock administration and remote service by managers. Easy and secure.


AddSecure Link in a nutshell – easy as 1, 2, 3

With AddSecure Link you get a communication solution which is simple, secure and gives you full control. You can configure and manage your own secure networks in three easy steps.

  1. Create your own private network (VPN)
    With AddSecure Link it’s easy to create your own private network in just a few minutes, even if you don’t know much about technology or networks.
  2. Order and activate SIM cards
    All you need to get started is access to the Link Manager web portal, where you can order as many SIM cards as you need and then you activate them for your chosen profile and subscription. 
  3. Allocate permissions 
    In the web portal, it’s easy and quick to create secure access to various networks for your staff. It’s just as easy to revoke access later.

You don’t need any external IT consultants or technicians – your company can get going straight away.


IoT: simple, secure and full control. 

One of the biggest challenges in creating an IoT solution is building it to be secure. Adding layers of security afterwards can sometimes be difficult. With AddSecure Link, our complete solution, you get a secure IoT solution from the start, through a private network (VPN) which encompasses all the devices you want to communicate with each other. The network is completely isolated from other Internet traffic and is secured against unauthorised parties.  You can set up additional private networks in order to keep your customers separate, if required.

AddSecure Link comprises the following components: A communication platform, the Link Manager web portal and a secure Internet connection.

The communication platform.

The IoT communication platform automatically generates a private network (VPN) and lets you connect your devices to the network. As such, you can control which devices can access the network – all in a quick, simple and secure way.

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Link Manager

With our tool, Link Manager, you can manage and configure your networks and connected devices easily. You don’t need any specialist knowledge. The user interface is very intuitive and comes with clear instructions. This means there are fewer risks of human error, and your solution is more secure.


Easy to administrate
Being responsible for IoT networks can be challenging as it can be difficult to get an overview of the configuration, authorised users and connected devices. Link Manager makes it easy to plan, set up and manage your IoT network.

With Link Manager you can order new secure connections, choose what kind of subscription you want and start, change or cancel subscriptions. All at the click of a button.

A great benefit of using Link Manager is that you can manage everything in a single tool and, unlike with other SIM management tools, you don’t need to supplement the system with manual routines or use freestanding tools for network management and firewalls.


Get full control.
Link Manager offers a quick and clear overview of all your connected devices. You can see which device is communicating with which network and it’s also easy to see which access level each user has, who they are and which networks and devices they have access to.  Unauthorised parties and devices are prevented from accessing your networks.

The overview in Link Manager also allows you to track costs and how much data has been used. You can easily set a limit to how much data each device can use, so you have full control over your data usage to avoid any expensive surprises.


With Link Manager you can scale your network to suit your needs. If you want to add more connections, all you need to do is order a new SIM through the portal and we’ll configure it before delivery. You can also add devices which don’t use SIM cards to your network, as long as they support Open VPN certificates. If your system grows, AddSecure Link will grow with it.

Secure connection

For a device to communicate in a private network, you need a secure mobile Internet connection, provided by our secure SIMs. AddSecure Link uses a 2G, 3G, or 4G connection depending on how much data is required. When you need to transfer large amounts of data, the traffic switches to a 4G network in order to handle the most demanding situations.

Our communication solution is operator-independent and as such, we can offer either roaming or connection-based connectivity to certain mobile network operators. Your connected devices are assigned a fixed IP address and are only available to users and devices who have permissions in your specific networks. Information is protected and no unauthorised access to data or devices is possible.

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