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Access Control to buildings

Remote connection to access control system enables user administration, door and lock administration and remote service by managers. Easy and secure.

Video surveillance

Connected cameras enables remote access to video and camera functions. Streaming video and picture management.

Temperature control for retail cooling units

Connected sensors transmits alarms in case of temperatures rising outside specified levels. Collection of statistical data over time to analyze performance and decide on preventive maintenance. Enables operators to quickly handle problems before they arise.

Connected Buildings

Connected elevators insures safety and security through the use of camera surveillance and continuous monitoring of communication status.

Remote access enables technicians to perform preventive maintenance.

Remote control for water treatment

Remote access for monitoring of high security water treatment facilities. Connected surveillance cameras operating in concert with technical alarms to enable maintenance crews to quickly decide on action when problems arise.

Fire and Security alarms

24 hour monitoring of alarm transmission. Alert services to end customers with notification of disruptions in alarm communication. Direct messaging to fire and police authorities in case of alarm.

Fleet management

Assets tracking and positioning. Vehicles connected via AddSecure system enables Fleet owners to monitor and control vehicle movements and status. Connected security systems in case of emergency (accidents, theft etc).

ATM/Payment solutions

Connected ATMs handling security, data transfer and transaction information. The AddSecure connection enables continuous surveillance of communication status. Alarm notification to receiving center in case of emergency (theft, fire etc).

Our customers have chosen to make it as safe as possible for everyone in our society. They have put security first when choosing fire alarms, intruder alarms, lift and emergency communication or business communication.

Do you want to join in and make society safer? Look around our website and find out more about us and our products. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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"The main reason we chose Link is the opportunity it gives us to be mobile. It also provides high speed, and a high connection quality - something that still tends to be a problem in the business." Magnus Carlsson, SECITS Sweden AB
"With this solution, things run smoothly, it is always connected and can be configured and monitored remotely. Our partnership with AddSecure works well and the support is excellent - all you need to do is call their technical support and they help you with whatever you need." Jonas Ekström, System Manager at Norrköping Vatten och Avfall AB Read »


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AddSecure is a leading supplier of alarm communications systems in Europe today. We offer reliable, secure and stable solutions for both the alarm sector and for the IoT industry.

AddSecure monitor communication between your alarm system and your chosen alarm recipients day in, day out and immediately inform you of any changes to the systems. We work hard with quality assurance every day and we document the quality of the monitored alarm transmission to ensure that your alarm always gets through – regardless of phone line or broadband faults.

If communication from the alarm is dropped, or in the event of other operational disturbances such as a power outages or tampering, your operations manager or alarm recipient is notified immediately. We work closely with mobile operators for quick and thorough troubleshooting in the mobile network and our alarm systems. This guarantees secure alarm transmission, which is tested and approved according to the strictest European guidelines. With us, you get a unique solution.


Alarm communications

We put ourselves in potentially dangerous situations every day without giving it a second thought. Most of the time, taking the lift from the first to the fourth floor doesn't present a problem and the alarm button in the toilet works when we need it. But when accidents happen, they need to be dealt with quickly. Our services monitor the communication between your alarm system and your chosen alarm recipients day in, day out and immediately inform you of any changes to the systems. Read more about our alarm services below or contact one of our experts for more information.

IoT communications

Connecting devices (or products) can help businesses optimise their deliveries, lower costs and generate new revenues, but communication can also be vulnerable if you don't have the right protection in place. Unauthorised parties can gain access to a network and harm critical devices in a short space of time. Operations managers and alarm centres turn to us because we take our customer's security seriously and never leave anything to chance. Read more about our IoT services below. You can also contact one of our experts for more information.

IoT Security – simpler than you think

Choose our solution which gives you full control and is easy to scale up as needed.